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Ink Tank was founded in 2007 in Omaha, NE as a subsidiary of Saddle Creek Records as an outlet for the label's artists that needed quality merchandising and online store fronts and fulfillment.  Ink Tank was purchased in 2016 by Pat Oakes, the long time Production Manager of Ink Tank, and Kansas City's Seen Merchandising.  RL Brooks, co-owner of Seen Merchandising, and Pat had been friends for some time and had bonded over the years for their love of music, art and screen printing.  When the opportunity arose for these two companies to work together, it was very apparent that a merger was a great option for all involved.  We are excited to work together to bring more resources to each company, strengthen each team's skill sets and expand product offerings for artists, schools, and businesses.  2018 brings great opportunities as Ink Tank will move to downtown Omaha to expand operations and continuing growth in Omaha and beyond.

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